BULLA x AB: Chocolate Hazelnut Gingerbread Tarts (Set of 4)


We tasked ourselves with creating something festive for the coming holiday season, and here is what we came up with! A tart shell that is imbued with the scent of Christmas spices. The smooth and velvety filling is made with hazelnut chocolate paste that is enriched with Bulla's thickened cream and topped with glistening golden hazelnuts. After all, tis' the season of excess, right? 

*This bundle comes with 4 Chocolate Hazelnut Gingerbread Tarts, 1 Bulla's Thickened Cream and 1 Bulla's Double Cream (can be used as a topping on the tarts for an extra creamy and luscious experience).

Please keep tarts refrigerated for 2 hours before consumption and consume within 2 days.

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